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What is Half Life? (How To Get Long Term Success) Remarkable Fact

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So let’s get right into this video. This video is all about half life and the half life of the actions that you’re currently taking. So this morning I was with my personal trainer, Billy. Some you guys might know him, Billy Harris. We were just talking about the half life of caffeine. The half life of caffeine and coffee is five to six hours. That means if you have a coffee right now, and obviously it depends on the person, in five to six hours, your body would have processed half of the coffee and there still would be half of that in your system. So if you want no caffeine in your body when you go to bed at 11:00 PM, you can’t really drink a coffee after 11:00 AM because there will still be a little bit of caffeine in your system. Now obviously, depending on how much caffeine you’re taking, that could have a negative impact or it could not. I usually don’t have any caffeine after noon and I go to bed at nine. That’s nine hours, which is usually enough buffer. But that’s that’s not the point of this video. The point of this video is, this whole half life thing got me thinking about what are the half lives of the actions that I’m taking in my business?

It really made me reflect on the things that I’m doing in my business right now. What’s the half life of them, what’s the longevity of them and how often do I have to do that thing? Let me give you some more tangible examples. I see a lot of people and obviously it makes sense, spending a lot of time on their Instagram stories. Even if you’re an agency owner when realistically, your clients aren’t going to see your Instagram stories. It just doesn’t make sense that a lot of agency owners out there are posting Instagram stories. Now, I have no issue with content marketing. I have no issue with building up a Youtube channel and then using that to get agency clients.

If you are targeting real estate agents, putting out a Youtube video that’s showing real estate agents how to get leads is a way for you to organically get eyeballs to your agency. So then you know, you get them through the door as a done for you client. But a lot of agency owners are out there posting Instagram stories to grow their agency, which doesn’t really make sense. Apart from that, you’ve got to think about the half life of posting on Instagram stories. Instagram stories only last 24 hours and then they’re gone. Whereas a Youtube video is posted and you know over its lifetime it will actually pick up steam. A lot of times you post a youtube video and it doesn’t really do much but then over time as your channel starts to grow, or as it starts to pick up more traction, they’ll actually ramp up.

Things like Instagram stories and Facebook posts, the half life and the longevity of it isn’t very long. If you post something on Twitter today, it’s not like someone will organically look it up. It’s not like a client will organically look up something you said on Twitter and see it from a year ago. That’s really where the whole half life thing comes in. If you think about it as an agency owner, what’s the half life of a cold call? Once it’s done it’s not like you reap any reward from it two months or three months or a year down the line. Whereas if you, for example, work on or build a case study funnel, this will pay dividends down the line.

I tell people all the time, don’t bother creating a website because the main thing when you’re first starting is getting agency clients. That said, if you’re at a point where you already have a couple of clients, build a website or just build a case study funnel which you can do on click funnels. If you click right below this video, you go down to the bottom where it will say apply to work with my agency and the first thing on my website is a link to the case study funnel.

Once you build that case study funnel, you can just set up some cheap retargeting ads for around five to ten dollars a day. If you go to my website, more than likely you’re going to get retargeted with an ad from me to watch the case study. That’s just me and my agency trying to get more agency clients using this case study funnel. Now the half life of the retargeting? You could set up that ad and it might experience fatigue but that ad could last 30, 60, 90 days. With some tweaking or changes to the creative on it and leave the copy the same, that ad could last six months. That’s a long half life compared to if you just make a quick cold call and then its done, the half life of that isn’t very long.

That’s much better than you being an agency owner and posting Instagram stories that number one, are only up there for a day and number two, that’s not really your ideal target market. Whereas if you create a youtube channel and you help dentists bring in more leads using, for example SEO. Your Youtube channel was giving a bunch of free value for dentists specifically on how to improve their SEO and that drummed up some organic traffic, and that was your content marketing. You do that today, but that pays dividends down the line. You’ve got to look at this in every single thing you’re doing in your agency, in your business and your life in general.

One thing that I would say is this whole half life concept is long term thinking, but the issue is when you first start your agency or business, you can’t think long term your business. You do actually, if it works for your niche, have to do a bunch of cold emails, messages, looms or calls. You have to do that because the issue is, you can’t just make a youtube video or build a case study funnel, assume that people are going to come there and just sit on your ass for six to twelve months waiting for that to pick up steam. As you’re trying to get to that five to ten thousand a month mark, you do actually have to do things with a short half life because it’s usually the things with a short half life that give you those immediate short term returns and things with a long half life that give you long term returns.

If you’re anywhere from just starting an agency to earning eight thousand a month, you actually have to do things that have a short half life. That said, as you’re trying to scale pass ten thousand a month and go to twenty, fifty maybe even a hundred thousand a month with your agency, you really have to drop anything that has a short half life and focus on things with a long half life that actually pick up steam over time. That said, if you’re starting right now, there are certain areas where you can look at, say for example, you have some extra time and you say I want to do a bit of content marketing to bring in some organic leads for my agency.

You have to think about it, either you could post Instagram stories as an agency owner and that just has a fucking terrible half life and you’re probably not going to reach the right people or you could create a piece of content on Youtube and create a channel that helps people within your niche as a lead generation tool. So you can still always make those decisions and you can still start to think what’s the half life of this? How effective is this? And also, in your general life if you think about, for example, cleaning your house. Maybe once or twice a week you’re gonna have to clean your house, change the sheets. The thing is if I was to clean my house myself, that’s something that I would have to repeat every week, so me changing the bedsheets has a half life of a week.

So ideally, if there are repetitive tasks that you have to do, just get someone else to do them or just eliminate them entirely. That’s what I did with Instagram, I just eliminated it entirely. I saw that the half life of it wasn’t very long, so I was like, “I’m just not going to do this anymore”. Those are the sorts of decisions that you need to make.

I hope you enjoyed this video on half life. If you haven’t started your agency or you’ve started your agency and you’re at ten to thirty thousand a month, I just released a new, free updated agency training. The last one was watched by basically the population of a small city.and this one is twenty times better than the last one. At the end of this, you get a free audit funnel. That’s immediately one way that you can start getting clients today. These aren’t some free trial clients, these are actual paid clients. The link for that is below and the response so far has just been absolutely incredible. So guys, I hope you enjoyed this video from both myself and Wilbert the whale. We hope you start making decisions, especially if you’re at five or eight thousand plus a month with your agency, making decisions with a half life approach and thinking what’s the half life from this? So I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one.


What is Half Life? (How To Get Long Term Success)

What is Half Life : The half-life of caffeine is 5-6 hours.

The half-life of most Entrepreneur’s actions is like 30 seconds haha. What’s the point in working and working to keep afloat a sinking ship?

That’s why you need to start assessing what the ‘half life’ of your actions are. if you’re an agency owner and you’re posting on Instagram stories… you’re about to get whipped out.

If you’re making over $10,000/pm from your SMMA and you’re still focusing on cold outreach… you’re about to have one tough year coming to you.

Focus on tasks that have a strong ‘half life’ and that compounds on each other. That’s how you win long term.

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