Iman Gadzhi April 12, 2019

Is SMMA Harder If You are Young? (Amazing Honest Truth) 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the biggest limiting beliefs that I see most agency owners have when they first start out is I’m 16. I’m 17, 18, 19, 20. I’m even 25. Why would business owners take me seriously considering how young I am now? This is something I see that’s very cancerous and stops a lot of people from building a six and multi six figure business when it was right in front of them. With a lot of things in this world, sometimes it’s just easier to believe something if it makes it easier on us to accomplish. It’s easier to believe that, age actually doesn’t make a difference if that means that you’re going to be more confident when you go out, you pitch businesses and you close clients.

What I want to do in this video is I want to objectively assess whether age does matter. As I said, it’s super easy for me to say education doesn’t matter or age doesn’t matter. But without objectively assessing why it doesn’t matter, then it’s kind of just hearsay. One thing that I would compare it to is if I was writing a book, I need a book and I need someone to type write the book. I needed a script, but it couldn’t be typed out and then printed. It had to be created on a typewriter.

What sort of age person do you think I would look for? Do you think I would look for an 18 or a 20 year old to help me create this document that needed to be typewritten? No, I look for someone who’s maybe 50, 60, 80. I’m not sure when type writers became obsolete, but you get my point here. The thing with online marketing and online advertising in general is at the moment it’s kind of like the eighth wonder of the world. It’s kind of this thing that all business owners know they need to do, but don’t quite exactly know how. That’s really where you come in to the picture. When business owners are thinking I know I have this problem, which is I’m not using online marketing, whether that’s Facebook ads, Google ads, just general social media marketing, which I refer to as creating content and distributing it.

I’m really helping you with your Social ROI. There’s an entire plethora of services that you can offer a client. When they come to the realization that I need to fix this and I need to plug this hole in my business. Otherwise, there’s tons of opportunity costs involved. I’m losing money to my competitors because they’re doing this and I’m not. What they’re gonna do is they’re going to think who is the right person that can help me? The first thing that I look at in that example I gave you, I think who could help me if I needed something type written, I’d think back to a time period where it was the norm for people to use that.

So that’s why when people in their teens or their 20s or potentially even their 30s, when they go into businesses, it’s actually looked at as an advantage. I’d say if you’re 11, 12, 13, then maybe you might struggle. But in all fairness, I’ve actually seen 12 and 11 year olds out there closing a couple of grand a month, social media marketing clients. Honestly, I think these days there’s genuinely no excuse. The funny thing is, and I know personally because I’ve been like flung around as this Wonderboy of marketing because I’ll have a client of mine and they’ll introduce me to someone else and they’ll refer me to someone else. They’re like you have to meet this really young guy, Iman. This is more some of the corporate clients I’ve dealt with, the clients that I know a lot better know that I would fucking hate something like this, but they’ll say you need to meet this whiz kid. My age actually helps me. It doesn’t determine. That’s the cool thing with social media marketing. If you were starting an accounting firm or a consulting business on mergers, you know, company mergers obviously is the issue of, you know, if you’re like 22, how many mergers would you have actually helped.

But with other businesses like that, I just don’t think in your teens or your twenties you can get away with having a very, very successful business. But as I said, online marketing at the moment, it’s kind of like this eighth wonder, where businesses are just starting to catch up and they’re just starting to realize how much money they’re leaving on the table by not doing it. And once they realize how much money they’re missing, they are starting to look for people that could help them. They’re looking for people who grew up with that. If I needed something type written for whatever reason, the reason I would go to someone who’s in their forties, 50s, 60s, 70s, is because they grew up with that.

Most of these business owners that you’re trying to reach out to didn’t grow up with social media. Most of them didn’t even grow up with the Internet. Right? So when they look at you, they actually see that as an advantage, not a disadvantage. If you’re 12, 13, 14, you might struggle a little. I started my social media marketing journey when I was 16 and that’s when I closed my first couple of clients. I didn’t really struggle with it because, if they were like, you’re young, what do you know? Well, I’m like, I know a lot because I grew up with this. Whereas, you’ve just started, I grew up with this and I’m on these platforms that I’m pitching to you every single day. I’m on Instagram every day. I’m on youtube everyday and now obviously at this point, my agency only sells paid traffic services. I don’t use that same pitch anymore, but it was a very compelling pitch, you know, because I was eating my own dog food. Right? I practice what I preach, you know, or eat your own cooking. So, to summarize it, there has never been a better time to get into digital marketing, online marketing, that’s why I say with a bit of reluctance, that’s why I chose it. I didn’t really choose social media marketing. I kind of stumbled upon it and then I actually figured out that it’s a real business. Like I didn’t realize the business model at the time that I first signed my first client. Later on I came to realize it and later on I came to realize just how lucky I was finding it because social media marketing allowed me to break down all age barriers, all experience barriers.An objection that I get a lot of time is you never went to a university or college for marketing. So what would you know, right? I’d just be like, if I went to a college or university to study marketing, it becomes obsolete within six or 12 or potentially 24 months.

So if I went to university for marketing to learn online marketing three years ago, every single thing that I would have learned will become obsolete. Because I don’t have an education or any certification in digital marketing, I’m learning every single day. Whereas the chief marketing officer, they think they know everything there is to know about marketing. That’s kind of one of the issues with a college degree is it gives you this false sense of entitlement. Almost like you’ve accomplished something when you know you’ve just read about it. So, you know, that’s the cool thing about a digital marketing is it just breaks the barriers and the boundaries when it comes to your age.

Age really doesn’t matter. Now, one thing I would say is if you are 30 or 40 or 50, the funny thing is that can be an advantage to, you can be like, I have experience in the traditional marketing world and I have experience in the business world and I know about online marketing. So the cool thing is no matter what age you are, you can kind of play it off as an advantage. If you’re young, you’re the young person who’s grown up with this. It’s all you think about. It is your passion, your area of expertise and you are seen as the expert in it. Whereas if you’re old and when I say old, at the later end of your career, maybe 40, 50, 60, you know, you have tons of experience in business potential, you have tons of experience in marketing and you have tons of experience in traditional marketing and you know about this whole wave of online marketing, online advertising, SEO, whatever service that you’re offering to your clients.

So I guess that answers your question. When businesses find out, and this is really happening every single day when businesses find out an online marketing is the best way to bring return for their business. Then they start looking for who can help me do this? And when they start looking for who can help me do this, they start to think about, what people have been almost bred to do this, they’ve been brought up to do this and it’s the people like me and potentially people like you. So guys really, really a cool time to be alive. Hopefully that answers your question. All I can say is objectively we’ve solidified the fact that age doesn’t matter when it comes to online marketing.

So we’ve squashed that. If there’s any other limiting beliefs holding you back in the future, all I can say is just choose to believe whatever favors you. So if you live in a slightly foreign country, find a way that you can turn that limiting belief in to advantage.

This is to be a little bit of a side tangent, but potentially if you live in, for example, somewhere where the cost of living is cheaper. Let’s just say Brazil. If you live in Brazil and you’re like, why would someone from the United States sign someone in Brazil, why would a big company in the United States sign someone from Brazil. Find a way to spin it. There’s always a way to spin it in your advantage. One thing that I would tell you, that I would say to my clients if I was in that position is, yes, you do live in Brazil and let me tell you something, you know, there’s not much and whether this is true or not, there may be tons and tons of fun stuff to do in Brazil, but you can always spin it. The way I’d handle that objection is I’d say, yeah, you’re right. I do live in Brazil and I’m not gonna lie to you, there’s not much to get up to here so that’s why I do this 24, seven. So while you hire some well-paid person in America, that’s doing this eight hours a day because it’s just a job to them, I’m doing this 24 seven because I eat, breathe and sleep this and furthermore, you’re going to pay that person in America $4,000 a month to handle this because they have a higher cost of living. Whereas, I’ll be able to do this for $2,000 a month and that extra $2,000 a month, you’re not spending that on increased expertise or increased knowledge, you’re just spending that on their increased rent. Whereas for me, it only costs me $500 a month to live in my dream apartment for then, it costs them $3,000 a month. So all I can say is, you can have your person in America, who works a hell of a lot less than I do, is a hell of a lot less passionate, has a hell of a lot more distractions than I do. You’re going to have to pay double or triple simply because of their rent, not because of their added expertise, or you can hire me.

That’s how I would handle an objection like that. And I guess that’s what I wanted to leave you guys with. No matter what your limiting belief is, objectively assess whether it is a disadvantage. And most of the time it’s not. If it is a disadvantage, just find a way to spin it. Not to say that if you live in a foreign country, it’s a disadvantage because I actually believe it can be an advantage for that reason I just gave you right here. So guys, I really hope you enjoyed that video. Go ahead, leave in the comments what you think, and also give me some more video ideas. I’d love to hear. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you in the next one.


Is SMMA Harder If You are Young? (Honest Truth)

Is SMMA Harder If You are Young: One of the biggest limiting beliefs budding agency owners around the world have is: ‘Am I too young?’ This thought is cancerous.

No matter if something IS true, I believe you should spin it to work to your advantage. That said, this is an occasion where quite frankly… it works in your favor.

Online marketing is the 8th wonder of the world, business owners far and wide are searching for an answer. They’re looking for someone that could help them. That person is YOU. If you’re young, then you’re the young marketing genius. If you’re older, you’re the guy with experience AND understanding of the modern marketing playing field. You can’t lose in the market, just as long as you have the distinct pleasure of running an online marketing agency.

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Is SMMA Harder If You are Young

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