Iman Gadzhi April 14, 2019

Did Making $1,000,000 Change My Life?| Amazing Ultimate Guide

So Ladies and Gentlemen did making $1 million at the age of 18 really changed my life all that much?

Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in this video. And now 2018 was a pretty cool year. I was able to do a lot of really cool stuff: I was able to really scale my business and at the end of it have something that I could look back and was really, really proud of. I know this is just a number, but it’s number a lot of people put an emphasis on. I was able to make over $1 million at the age of 18, which I never would’ve thought that I would have accomplished something like that. Growing up, uh, reading books like Rich Dad, poor dad, a personal MBA, you know, just a lot of books on money and money management, how to make money.

I didn’t know about digital marketing. I didn’t know about social media marketing. I never thought that something like that was possible. I always thought, you know, I’d kind of plug away, I’ll do what they do in the millionaire next door, which is, which is a book. I’ll save my pennies. And then eventually maybe when I’m like, you know, you know, 30 or 40, you know, I had definitely, definitely thought I could do a lot quicker than most people, but I thought maybe like 30, 40, 50. I, you know, I make it big and to be honest $1 million to really isn’t big. But like I thought, you know, at that point, that’s where I’d really start having a really good level of success maybe to like real estate or this thing or that thing.

Well is that, you know, the fact that I was able to do at 18 was, was amazing. But let’s be honest, has it really changed my life that much now? A lot of people will come on to a YouTube video like this and they’d be like, of course, the change in my life, you know, now I’m popping bottles and I’m in St Tropez with all my friends that I’m doing this and I’m doing that. If any of you guys know me well or have been on this channel a lot, you know, that yeah. To be honest, I guess you probably already know what the answer to this video is: making $1 million in a lot of ways has been incredibly awesome. It’s added a lot to my life, but in a lot of ways it’s actually made my life a hell of a lot fucking harder.

And let me tell you what I mean by that. I have this sweet spot and sort of this, this magic number in my head and it’s roughly around $10,000 a month. And that’s why at, which is my online education business and really what I’m trying to help someone who’s starting at zero. I’m trying to get them to that magic number, which is $10K. Now, preferably above $10K, you know, if they could get to 20, 30, maybe even 40K a month, then that’s a really awesome place to be at because I found that between 10 and 40 cam month, that’s really the number if you focus on eliminating as much as possible. Imagine you’re a car, right? And you have the, you have like the window open and you have like a little piece of tape stuff to the side and you have all the stuff that’s slowing you down.

If you know, you can do 10 to 40 k a month and really just rip off all the shit that’s slowing you down and just stay very lean and efficient. I found that 10 to 20 to 40 k a month to actually be the best place to be at when it comes to, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to say happiness because that’s not true because you know for different people and you’re going to find that this about me for different people, happiness means different things. But definitely in terms of the highest perceived quality of life, I’d say that 10 to 40 k a month is the best place to be at because that’s really where you the level where you don’t have to work extremely hard.

You can fuck up a lot of things and you know, you don’t need to have a big team and big operations and you can still be doing 10 to 40 k a month and have a really good quality of life, you know, for 10 k a month. Like, I don’t think people realize you can, you know, and maybe not in London because London is very, very expensive property wise, but you know, in most places you can get an awesome apartment. You can go on holiday once every two, three months. You can go out to dinner and not really worry about the price tag at 10 k a month.

But you know, you get my point. I really found that the 10 k a month mark, making around six figures a year, that’s really the sweet spot where you have incredible quality of life. You have, you have very little complexity. You know, when I was making 10 k a month with my agency, when I was making 10 came on and even even more now than I’m making 40, 50K on from my agency, or sorry, this month, closer to like 30, 45 k. I’ve actually found that like that’s where things are just super lean and efficient and I don’t have to think about it a tonne, you know, because a lot of time, the thing that is the thing that can really trip you up and can really make you feel tired or kind of puts you down is just overthinking, and having a lot of, a lot on your plate, , so at let’s just say 20 k a month, you know, you could have anywhere from, it depends what your service fee is, if you’re, if you’re out there getting whales and signing 10K a month clients and you only need two, and that’s a very, very easy operationally. But you know, let’s just say you, your average client is 3K a month. Let’s just say hypothetically, you need six to do 18 k a month, you know, which over the space of the year is just, you know, something over 200,000, right? At six clients, that’s pretty easy. Operationally, you know, it’s not too hard operationally, at least, at least if you’re offering one service to one niche, and you don’t have that much to think about. Right. And that, that’s kind of the case with my agency. You know, where we were doing, like on average this year or over the last six months, you’ve done on average 40 ish thousand a month profit, you know, and that’s just from anywhere from five to seven clients and then sometimes a two day training.

So usually once every two months I’ll fly out to a client’s, headquarters and I’ll train them and their entire team. And most of the time, those clients that I’m training are the ones where we don’t want to do a done for you service for them. You know, we don’t want to run it monthly for them. I just want to come in and kind of skill transfer and transfer what I know to their team, take my 20K and you know, kind of walk out… and it’s better for them and for us. So, you know, with my agency there’s just such little, you know, those, I have one team members, me and one other person, you know, we have anywhere from five to seven clients a month on average and there’s just so little to think about, you know, accounting’s super easy, like getting results is super easy.

So we have that. And then if I compare that to, for example, where I have four full time people, I have three, four, five other contractors, I have 10 plus service providers, 40 softwares this thing, that thing, you know, rather than five to seven clients a month, I need to deal with on a monthly basis and additional anywhere from 100 to 300 customers a month. Right now averaging around 200, there’s a lot to think about that is a lot to handle, you know, so really from 10 to 40K a month for me, I found that’s a perfect sweet spot. And that’s why, you know, really over the last, I’d say around year, I’ve come to appreciate having an agency more and more and more for the simplicity of it if you do it the correct way.

You know, I’ve looked at other business models out there and I’ve realized that the main thing that for me is a lot more stressful. The back end of of 2018, you know, I was pulling in a couple of 100K a month and revenue. Right now we’re, we’re doing roughly around the same except I’m growing. Some expenses are quite high at the moment. The difference between, you know, back when I was doing 10 to 40K a month, compared to now we’re doing a couple of hundred K a month, there’s a lot more stress. There’s a lot more stress, a lot more spinning plates. And I said, that’s kind of why I’ve come to really appreciate having the agency a lot more. I still have my agency, I’m still in the trenches even to this day.

So it’s very, it’s very interesting to compare having my agency to having my education business and if you want to see kind of what it’s like and sometimes how I can feel a little jaded. It’s funny. Ciaran who’s the product manager at, he actually wrote an article about what it’s like to work for me. I think he called it 19 year old evil genius, or what it’s like to work for a 19 year old evil genius. When I saw that title, I’m like, oh my God. I was like, oh no, he’s totally gonna like fucking expose me. He’s going to say I’m an asshole and then get like, gonna leave or something like that. But it was a very, interesting article and it’s so true. Everything he says in there is basically so true.

But one of the things he says in there as well, and it’s true, a lot of time I feel quite jaded because a lot of time I look at my agency and just how simple it is and how streamlined it is and how profitable it is. You know, the funny thing is my agency this year has made more profit than my education business. Even though the education business revenues are way higher. Granted, I’m growing, I’m scaling, I’m bringing on a lot of expenses, a lot of team members and I’m kind of going through a growth phase right now and then I’ll trim the fat over the next few months, kind of trim the fat, increased the bottom line for the education company. So granted that’s the case right now. But you know, that’s one thing you need to keep in mind is you need to look at what do you actually want out of life?

What is your, you know, I challenge you right after this video, just write down on a piece of paper how much, how much do you want your, you know, what’s your next year? What would you want your dream apartment to look like? You know, your dream apartment might be $3,000 a month or 3000 pounds a month. You know, what’s your dream car and what’s the monthly payment on that? You know, it might be 1500 a month for you to have a nice Mercedes you want or a Porsche or a or a Range Rover, whatever. I don’t know actually know what the payments are but maybe 3K a month for your apartment, you know, 1500 for your car and insurance and x amount budgeted for traveling. And you might, when you break down the numbers, and I’ve done this in the past, when you break down the numbers, you might realize that you really only need 15 to 20 k a month net.

That is right. So you have to account taxes into that 15 to 20 k a month to live your dream lifestyle where you might only need eight k a month. You know, maybe your dream lifestyle is you want to move to Bali and you know, for, for, for transportation, you just get a moped. It’s literally like 150 pounds a month for a super nice moped. And you know, you can get an awesome villa there for 1,502 k a month, let’s just say two k a month. And then, you know, eating out every night and all this and you know, going to beach clubs and said, you know, your total expenses in a place like volume might be 4K a month to live like an absolute fucking baller, right? So just write that down and then from there you can work, you can kind of work backwards.

What I’ve started to realize, as I said, to bring this back to the topic of this video is making $1 million has not really changed my life because I’m still spending at, you know, and making 200k a month, I’m still spending the same amount now. I’m spending the same amount now as I was when I was making 20, 30 k a month. And that’s kind of just been the funny thing to look at. So I’m making a hell of a lot more money now than I was a year ago or a year, a year and a half ago, whatever. But I’m spending the exact same amount yet I have so much more responsibility on my shoulders now. I am an outlier, because I think Ciaran will make that very clear in that article he wrote or anyone who knows me well.

I just genuinely fucking enjoy work and I just, I genuinely enjoy work. I like the nicer things in life, but for me, the real, the real satisfaction has always has always been from just doing the work in and seeing how far I can push and how far I can grow. I’m not the type of person to sit by the beach and have like five Pina coladas and just enjoy life and do that whole, I tried it in Bali like a couple of months ago, the whole laptop lifestyle. It just doesn’t appeal to me. You know, I’m, I’m very weird like that and like 19 rather than taking all the money I’ve made and you know, going off to St Tropez and fucking around and popping bottles and this thing and that thing. And occasionally I do, I do venture into those worlds and I do those things.

But I am an outlier. And the fact that, you know, most 19 year olds with a sort of money that I’ve made were doing things a hell of a lot different to what I’m doing. You know, I definitely wouldn’t be working six days a week, 12 hours a day. I’m waking up even on Sundays at 6:30 AM. That’s just what makes me happy. So that’s kind of a very long winded answer to, does making $1 million truly change your life? And my answer to you is no. If you’re trying to chase a number, which I don’t think you ever should be, that number in my opinion, that you should be chasing is anywhere from 20K to 40K month profit and a $10,000 a month profit in your business. I honestly can tell you have such an incredible life and you have 99% of the things you could want.

You may not be able to afford a Jaguar F-Type, or a Porsche 911, or a Range Rover. But the, God’s honest truth is a lot of that stuff you think it’s gonna make you happy and you think you’re going to like it. But a lot of the time, and that’s why I haven’t gotten a car yet, is because I know it would sit there and I would resent it, you know, in the same way. For example, you know, I’m very into fashion or I like to spend my money on clothes and jewlery. That’s kind of like the only soft spot for me in the same way I go look in my cabinet or whatever and I see my watches and some of my jewelry and I’m just like, sometimes I resent them.

I love it. But sometimes I just want to sell it all and just live as simply as I can. That’s, that’s kind of the beauty of when you’re doing that, you know, anywhere from 10 to 40 k a month and you can enjoy really nice stuff. But I don’t think you need to have all these, this extra stuff that sometimes can add, added complexity to your life. Like fancy cars, fancy houses that’s also, for example, one of the reasons I didn’t upgrade this place when I moved into this place. You don’t currently, I’m making a hell of a lot more money than I did when I moved into this apartment here in London. But I decided not to upgrade it because I’m like, let’s just keep my life as simple as possible. Now granted, I fucking love this apartment.

It’s like my dream style and stuff like that. But you know, I decided I want to keep things as simple as possible. So anyways, long, long winded approach to basically tell you that making $1 million really won’t change your life that much. Or at least for me it hasn’t. Maybe for you, your priorities are different. I’m making $1 million definitely hasn’t changed my life that much. In fact, it’s added complexity to it, which for me, I don’t mind because my greatest satisfaction comes from working like that. But for most people, I know that it, it could be very depressing scaling your business to that level and realizing that it’s kind of like golden handcuffs, where it appears like you have everything when really you just added so much added complexity a hell of a lot of responsibility into your life, which actually might make your life worse.

So if you’re going to chase a number I recommended be from anywhere from 10 to 40 k a month because you can live a hell of a good lifestyle for that amount. If you decide on one niche and one service offering and you don’t have to deal with all of these spinning plates. It’s a very simple thing to kind of put together an architect. Then really from there, you have more money than you could ever really need. So guys, hope you enjoyed that video of that answers that question for you. If you want to see the article, it’s very beautifully written.

I actually matched to poach him off of the Times magazine. There are marketing subsidiary, he was managing all the clients there. So if you actually want to see his article, I’m going to link that right below. If I just let me know in the comments. So definitely go and check or in the description. Go ahead and check that out. It’s definitely very interesting. It says a lot of very okay stuff about me and some very good stuff about me, s if you want to find out a little bit more about what I’m like behind the curtains, what it’s like working for me and definitely go ahead and check it out.


Did Making $1,000,000 Change My Life?

Did Making $1,000,000 Change My Life?: A lot of people are out there trying to make a million dollars.

I was able to do it at 18…

So you would imagine I would be going around promoting a message to make money, buy nice cars, pop bottles at the club and enjoy your riches.

You’d be wrong.

I genuinely believe if you want the highest quality of life – Then making $10,000-$40,000/pm with an online marketing agency is the sweet spot.

To me – A high quality of life is a fiercely profitable business, with few moving parts and predictable cashflow. That’s exactly what the DNA of agency life is.

So my best advice is DON’T be me. Don’t try to make $200,000/pm+ because it gets too complicated. Too many responsibilities. My education business saps so much money, effort, and stress out of me it’s crazy.

My agency is my golden goose – $40k/pm profit pretty passively, low overhead, and simple setup.

Focus on a lifestyle business – Something that gives you time and financial freedom to travel, relax, and spend time with your loved ones.

Focus on your agency.

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